We're Engaged!

In case you haven't heard yet, we got engaged on August 8th!!!
For those of you who already know, here are some pictures.

(Greg had to take this picture... no one else was around)

Here's how it happened...

We went to Kelley Park (Japanese garden in San Jose) for a nice picnic.
(Greg: Kim made a nice lunch and had no idea I would pop the question)
After lunch and at the right moment, Greg got on one knee and started to proposed with a dime-in-ring.

He folded a dollar bill into a ring which held a dime as the stone.
Then he said, "oh wait, that's not the ring.", and pulled out a melee diamond.

Melees are little diamonds typically used as side stones. (it's something we've joked about in the past)
Then he said, "oh wait, that's not the ring!" and pulled out the real ring!
He then proposed and she said "Yes, of course I will" (with tears in our eyes... awwww)

Since Wednesday, we've been hearing a lot of "it's about time" and "do you have a date set yet?".
Yeah, yeah, yeah, to the first response (ha ha) and no, we don't have a date set yet.
We both think that sometime next year, probably Spring or Summer 2002 will be a good time.